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March 29, 2016

Dear Pastor Taala and brethren at Bible Baptist Church - Jackson Heights, 

It is such an honor to serve the Risen Savior!  May this update find you all well and at the same time enjoying the fullness of the Lord’s blessings.  Time does fly by when we keep ourselves occupied with the Lord’s business of reaching lost souls and helping others to grow in their relationship with the Lord.

We did have a great time of refreshment with our family and loved ones during the earlier part of 2016.  While we have been saying our hellos and goodbyes for over 19 years now, it seems like we can never ever get used to that.  In fact, with a grandson and aging parents, it seems like goodbyes are much more difficult each time we leave the homeland for the mission field. 

We were very much encouraged to have a visit from Pastor Mike and Ma’am Sandie Reap during the month of February.  They came with Ms. Mary Herman who conducted a Teacher’s Training Seminar with our staff and Bible College students and brethren from other churches.  The training was a blessing to all who have attended and we are very thankful to Ma’am Mary for the wonderful insights on how to increase the effectivity of our church workers in the different teaching ministries they are involved in.  We also enjoyed the fellowship with Pastor Reap and Ma’am Sandie as it is a rare treat to be visited and ministered to by those we consider as elders in the ministry.  

I have been teaching Hermeneutics to the second and third year students at the Cambodia Baptist Bible College during the previous 2 blocks.  It is always a special blessing and a fulfilling experience to be of help to men and women who are just starting in the ministry find keys and use tools relevant in the proper handling of God’s Word.  We firmly believe that if Cambodia is to be reached with the Gospel then we must try every means possible to raise Cambodian men and women who are adequately equipped to reach their own people.  We thank the Lord for these students at CBBC who are earnest in their desire to gain the proper knowledge and skills to become better servants of the Lord.  Please remember to pray for these students and please help in providing for the needs so that Cambodia Baptist Bible College can continue in the task of training men and women for the ministry.   

By the Lord’s wonderful goodness Power of Grace Children’s Home continues to be provided for up to this point.  Our children are all doing well physically and they continue to be taught from God’s word and are introduced to serving the Lord through involvement in our church ministries.  They help in visitations, teaching other children in our many outreach points around the community and in the music programs of our church.  Other than financial needs, please help pray that we will have more dedicated staff to help take care of our little ones in the Children’s Home.  We thank you all who have contributed to help in the financial provisions for Power of Grace.    

We covet your prayers for our upcoming 14th Church Anniversary this April 24th.  Please help pray that we will be able to see a good attendance of our church members and many new visitors as well.  We pray that we will be able to see people getting saved and believers committing their lives to faithfully serving the Lord through their active and faithful involvement in their church.  Our church is doing fine but we believe we ought to be doing more as far as impacting our community is concerned.  Please help pray for special anointing upon Pastor Soeun Sihok who will be our special speaker on said celebration here at Grace Baptist Church. 

We are very thankful for your partnership with us in the ministry here in Cambodia.  Your prayers and financial support are very valuable in what we do for the Cambodian people and they are memorials on your behalf before the Lord.  We pray for the Lord’s special abundant blessings upon you all continually.   

Yours for Cambodian souls, 

Mike and Daisy Valdez



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