Tran Family

Missionaries to Vietnam

March 30, 2016

Dear Faithful Partners,

What a joy it has been to serve the Lord here in Vietnam.  The Lord has opened the windows of Heaven and poured out His blessings in the first quarter.  Praise the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Thank you very much for your support, love and prayers for us. By the grace of God and His mercy, we are continuing serving Him. It is a privilege for us to serve Him to win souls and train people for His ministries. And you are a part of each ministry that we has done here. We would like to greet you all in the Name of our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ and share with you all blessings God has done on our work here.

Here are BLESSINGS for 1st quarter:

Last February I had an opportunity to go for mission trip and visited 10 Baptist Churches in other provinces. It is a privilege for me to encourage and challenge our local pastors to do Father’s work in their places. God opened my eyes to see a great needs in those areas. The need is to spread out the Gospel of the Lord and build Baptist Churches in those difficult places.

The past three months, we can see that God’s hands were upon our ministries here. The precious thing was that He saved and added some souls to our local assembly. There were 8 people got saved. And also 5 followed the Lord in Baptism – Mr Ngoan, Mr Phung, Mr Muong, Mr. Seng and Mrs Nga. Please do pray for their Bible studies with our staff that can help them to understand more about the Bible and growing in the Faith.

We thank God for The Children Retreat Ministry. God presently gives us 60 children who attend the Bible Class regularly in two places. God opens us with this ministry so that we can have contact with the children and their parents. More than that God use us with this ministry so we can teach Bible lessons, Bible songs for the kids. What we are doing now is building Bible truths in the children lives. Not all the kids are allowed to go the Church, but they can know who is a Creator, who can save their souls… Beside our outreach for children, we have a class to teach Bible, Math, Vietnamese language and English for those kids who can’t afford to go to school. There are about 15 kids. They are over-age children but don’t know how to read and write in Vietnamese. We plan to set up a school for them to study properly. We plan to use our Church building to set classes for them. Please pray for vehicles that we can brings them to the Church and also facilities (tables, chairs and boards). It is not easy to do this ministry but because of the love of the Lord and we want to share and teach those kids in God’s way, so God can change their lives.

We thank God for our Bible College, We have four new Bible Students enrolled in our Bible College in this year, we have two classes in one week of every month with eleven students in this year. We really thank for our Bible students’ faithfulness. As you know, they came from difference provinces to our place in Ho Chi Minh City for one week to study. They have to sacrifice for their jobs which affect their income. Some of them are married men who are main supporters of the families. It is always a big challenge to them.  But our God is good and graceful to them; He still works on their hearts and moves them on. We have a burden for this Bible School because we would like to produce pastors and workers for His works in al provinces. We wish and pray that there will be more Baptist Churches in the next few more years. Please do pray for teachers too. We are lacking for teachers who are willing to spend their times to come and teach those Bible students for His present and future work. Also we thank God, there are two among eleven would like to open a mission in their places within this year.    


Things we would like to ask for YOUR PRAYERS in our ministries:

-       God’s protection on our Children Outreach, Our children outreach in Dist.12 has the trouble and persecution. The government not allowed us to teach and preach the Word of God for the children. We had around 40 kids there. Now we still continue teaching them secretly and we have to be slow down for a while.

-             New Mission work will start next month in Tan Binh District

-              More souls to be saved and baptized and the growth of faith of our new converts

-              Pray for our extended building. We are praying for a fund to buy a lot next to the old building because the old one is not enough for our Church different activities and not enough space.

-              Pray for a van to bring children and members to church every week.

-              God’s protection for our Church, Bible College and our family.

-              Pray for my health and wisdom to serve Him.

-             Monthly support

At last, it is privileged for us to have beloved brother and sisters in Christ whom we can share blessings and problems. Thank you for those who are praying for us night and day. Thank you for those who sacrifice your finance in giving. Thank you for your love to God who you can be a part in our ministries. We love and pray for you all. TO GOD BE GLORY!!!

In Christ’s Service

My Tran family, Missionaries in Vietnam.