Stuart Family

Missionaries to Gabon


Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor, Friends and Family,

In Ganta City, Liberia, there lives a man named Marcus. He is in his forties, deaf, and almost blind. Until a couple months ago, Marcus had no real form of communication. He showed up at the Great Commission Fundamental Baptist Church in Ganta City, where members of our team began to teach him sign language. Marcus was so excited and learned quickly! By the end of our time in Liberia, he was helping to teach other minimal language Deaf the things he had just learned!

It was amazing to watch, and yet sobering to realize that there are so many others like Marcus who need to be reached. They need to be taught sign language so that they can communicate with others, and to learn how they can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Please pray that Marcus will continue to learn, and that he will soon understand his need of a Savior. Pray for the teachers and pastors in Liberia as they work with Marcus and the many other Deaf in Ganta City. Perhaps God is calling you to go and reach lost souls. Many more laborers are needed!

Our travels have led us to share our ministry with people in Tennessee, Connecticut, and Ohio. Now as we prepare for Fall Mission Conferences, we would be very thankful for your prayers concerning safety on the roads and for hearts to be touched both with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the need of lost souls around the world.

We are excited to report a new supporting church! Our support level is now just under 40%. Please pray as we book meetings for 2019. We are specifically looking for opportunities to share our ministry in the southern states during January and February. From March onward, we are looking to schedule meetings in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and their surrounding states. Please pray that we can finish raising our support by December 2019. We are excited to return to Africa full-time!

We would also like to ask continued prayers for Amanda during her pregnancy, and for a healthy baby in February. Pray that God would give us wisdom as we make decisions and plan for the birth of our first child. We are so excited to enter this new phase of our lives!

Pressing Forward Towards Gabon,
Bruce and Amanda Stuart