Poss Family

Missionaries to Ecuador

Dear Family and Friends,

            We are thankful for another opportunity to send you all a report. It has been a good couple of months since we last wrote. God, as always, has been faithful. We are looking forward to a busy year serving the Lord. Our family is very thankful in knowing that we are able to be here serving because of your generosity and heart for the Lord. 

            In January we celebrated Rosalie's second birthday. On the 24th she turned two years old. It is hard to believe that our little baby is over 2. When we started deputation Amelia was only 3 months old. We are so blessed with the family that God has given us. Please pray for our family. Pray for our protection everyday from crime, sickness, and safety on the roads. There is a growing concern here regarding the zika virus. A recent case was reported less than 2 miles from our home. We are in the middle of rainy season and with this brings flash floods, mosquitoes and sickness. We are entrusting our family to our Lord.

            This year is going to be extremely busy. School will be starting the first week of April. Between now and April we have many things going on. The last week of February me and one other adult are taking a group of young people on a week trip to two different cities to help local pastors. These two pastors have Deaf ministries. We will spend three days in each city cleaning, visiting, soul winning and just helping in any way we are able. Both of these pastors were sent out of our church in Guayaquil. This will be a fantastic opportunity for the young people to spend a week of their vacation serving God. March 2-6 we are having the Church Anniversary Conference followed by Vacation Bible School March 14-18. The last week of April we will be going to Quito, Ecuador for a revival conference. We look forward to this as this will be our first trip to the capital city of Quito.

            The church is doing well with visitors nearly every week. Pastor Ray and his family travelled to Peru for 3 weeks in January. During this time I had the opportunity to gain some pastoral experience. Thank the Lord we had a good 3 weeks with visitors including 2 new Deaf girls. One girl named Milagro (means miracle) is 3 years old. The other girl, Emily, is 9 years old. Both have very limited education and cannot sign. They are considering coming to the school in April. Emily is currently in a school with all hearing children and is not progressing. Please pray for the Deaf children here as many of their situations are very difficult. Thank you for praying and giving. We love you, miss you and pray for you. For those of you who have not visited our Facebook page please do at Poss Family Missions for updates and pictures.



Joshua, Sonia, Amelia & Rosalie