Poss Family

Missionaries to Ecuador


Prayer Letter

Date: September 17, 2018

Dear Family and Friends,

            It is our hope and desire that this update finds you all doing very well in the Lord. As always it is a privilege for us to write an update. Please forgive us in the delay of sending this letter. God has been so good to our family during the last couple of months and we are excited about what he is doing here and what he is doing in Ecuador.

            Since we last wrote we have traveled over 6,500 miles and have been in MO, IL, NY, MD, and PA. In the next month we will be travelling and visiting churches in TN, NC, ID, TX and MO. It has been wonderful to see many familiar faces and visit some new churches as well. It is very encouraging to see Pastors and churches taking part in the Great Commission.

            We are thankful to report that three new churches have picked us up for support and one church has raised their support. This is extremely helpful because when we return to Ecuador we will be starting a new ministry. With a start up there are often many additional costs. Please continue to pray for additional support before our return to Ecuador. Also please begin to pray that God will provide the money we need for our return to Ecuador. We need to raise/save about $25,000. This money will cover a ministry vehicle and the costs of deposits and first month rent for the church and our home. We know that money is no issue for God and trust that he will give us what we need before our return.

            Please pray for the ministry of Pastor Ray in Guayaquil. He is the veteran Deaf missionary that we helped during our first term. He was recently injured when a parked van lost its e-brake and sandwiched him between two vehicles. He broke his wrist in this accident. Being deaf this is an injury that will affect his ministry. Please pray for a fast recovery. Thank the Lord it was not worse. Pray for the church and school there that Deaf will continue to learn and the church will continue to grow.

            Thank you for all you have done for our family. We appreciate your prayers. Pray for Sonia as she is homeschooling the girls. This has been a challenge seeing as we have stayed in so many places in the last month. Pray for our health and strength as we continue our furlough. God has been good to us and it is a privilege for us to serve Him. We are praying for you and may God bless you all.



Josh, Sonia, Amelia, Rosalie & Andre