First Congregation

After we were over the  shock of 50 people in our first service, we settled down with 12 at the next service, and a month into the ministry, we had Bro Rene Jagolina, Sis Rose Jabolina, Bro Ernie, Sis Verna David, Sis Lydia Balagot, Bro Alfred De Jesus and Sis Ren de Jesus committed attendees of BBCJH. Soon after we had Sis Ingrid Macdonald, Sis Nelly Gonzalez, Bro Bernie Peralta, Bro Chris Tamang, Sis Myo Khin, Sis Susan Un and Sis Antonette Potian. These made up the first congregation, and it was a great blessing to work with these folks who love the Lord. Many have moved on as the Lord directed, and many were added making up the 2nd, 3rd & 4th congregation. I was told that a church planter will have several congregations, and that was absolutely true.