"But there's nobody here.."

In January 2011, 4 months after our first service (in September 2010), while averaging close to 10 in the morning service, we held  our first evening service. In the first 2 months NO ONE showed up. In the next 6 months, we would see one visitor pop in. Of all those, only one would eventually become a regular member, a dear Cuban lady. Whether we had one or none, we remained consistent and patient. We conducted each service as if we had 9 or 10 like the morning service. Jasmine would play the piano with months old Russell on her lap, and 10 year old Zach running back and forth in the back. We were always excited.  I remember distincly, on our second evening service as I started to preach, one man entered our meeting place at the Jewish Center and started pacing back and forth in the middle aisle (the sanctuary sits close to 300). I called his attention, invited him to join us, but fell on deaf ears. A little while later, I called his attention once again, this time with a reasonable degree of impatience, I reminded him that we were having a service. He then looked around and said, "BUT THERE IS NOBODY HERE." He wasn't exaggerating! I'm glad Jasmine encouraged to just keep preaching (to her and the empty seats). Today, we have about a third of our morning attendance return for the evening service. Precious moments in our history.. Thankful to the Lord for His grace.