Little Time is much When God is in it..

Searching for a meeting place two months before opening day is a little bit late. We were advised September was the best time to hold a first service. It was July and we just discovered College Point was not where God would have us to plant the church. Suddenly it seemed like Jackson Heights was the right place. Very diverse, multiple ethnicities, and no independent baptist  presence (in other words no soul-winning church). There was one big problem, we had no meeting place. But God's hand was upon us. I remembered the Jewish center. Ideal location and hoped they would be willing to rent us time and space. I was initially turned down. But on our way out the President of the Jewish Center arrived and after five minutes, we had a meeting place every Sunday morning from 9:00 to 11:00. To top that, they gave us the first two Sundays free! We would remain at the Jewish Center for the ext 3 1/2 years before finding our current location. We started with $200.00/week, and by the time we moved, we were paying $2,000.00 for 16 hours spread throughout the month.