First Congregation

After we were over the  shock of 50 people in our first service, we settled down with 12 at the next service, and a month into the ministry, we had Bro Rene Jagolina, Sis Rose Jabolina, Bro Ernie, Sis Verna David, Sis Lydia Balagot, Bro Alfred De Jesus and Sis Ren de Jesus committed attendees of BBCJH. Soon after we had Sis Ingrid Macdonald, Sis Nelly Gonzalez, Bro Bernie

"But there's nobody here.."

In January 2011, 4 months after our first service (in September 2010), while averaging close to 10 in the morning service, we held  our first evening service. In the first 2 months NO ONE showed up. In the next 6 months, we would see one visitor pop in. Of all those, only one would eventually become a regular member, a dear Cuban lady. Whether we had one or none, we remained consistent and patient. We conducted each service as if we had 9 or 10 like the

Never Too Early..

Our first service was in September 2010, and by November 2010, we started supporting world missions! The first missionaries we supported were the Armah Family in Ghana and the Tabanao Family in Cambodia. In February 2011, we hosted our first missionaries (on deputation). In March 2011, we started supporting a church planter (to Staten Island, NY).  Obviously it was never too

Home Bible Study?

Initially the plan was to establish a home Bile study that would eventually lead to the establishment of a local church. But having realized that the Lord had called me to full time ministry, specifically to establish a New Testament local church, and with good advice from a seasoned New York independent Baptist church pastor, I decided to plant a church instead of just a home Bible study. Looking back, that was very good advice I received that led me in the right direction the Lord had planned all along. And so on September 12, 2010, our first Sunday morning service, we opened our doors to the community as a church (mission church).