Felix Armah

Missionary to Ghana



Dear Pastor and Church,


Sincere greetings in the name of Jesus Christ in whose name we stand justified before God, having blessed us with manifold spiritual blessings in heavenly places. I am humbled and greatly privileged to send you this letter. My name is Felix Armah, a missionary on deputation to Ghana West Africa sent out by Baptist Bible Church – Sta Mesa.

The only logical explanation of my salvation experience is an act of divine providence. God sought me and saved me. I was born and raised in Ghana, Accra. Like any African boy, I ended up in Hong-Kong to seek greener pastures at age 24. Having been led to believe I can earn salvation by good works, I had no assurance or hope of heaven and I led a miserable life as a religious person with no room for the spiritual things that matter most in life. Then on that fateful day November 11, 2004, while sitting on a bench in Kowloon park, I was handed a gospel track by Grandma Joyce, (a member of the AAA Mission team) visiting Bible Baptist Church, Hong-Kong under the leadership of Dr. Don Stone and invited me to attend church service the following Sunday after sharing the Gospel to me. I say to the glory of God that for the very first time, the gospel was clearly explained to me and the conviction of my sins before God was so heavy upon me. Oh I was such a wretched sinner before God and I deserve to die and go to hell.

On that Sunday November 14, I ask Jesus Christ to forgive my sins, come into my heart and to save my soul. That was the turning point of my life. That amazing grace of Jesus Christ is able to save a wretch like me and to give me eternal life I can never lose. Since that day I realized there is a greater meaning to life than what we want for ourselves. I was baptized the week after in Bible Baptist Church Hong-Kong and surrendered my life to serve God fulltime. I fell in love with the Bible and after 6 months, was heavily burdened for my countrymen. I have found this treasure in the gospel and cannot keep it for myself, my fellow Africans need to know the true God and the right Gospel so I sought advice from my Pastor (Dr. Don Stone) as to what was happening to me and my desire to take the gospel to my people. Because of visa problems, my Pastor advised I get Bible training in the Philippines instead so I ended up at Asia Baptist Bible College, a ministry of Baptist Bible Church in the Philippines. God gave me the privilege to finish my four-year seminary training and Baptist Bible Church, Sta Mesa sent me out as their missionary to Ghana Africa.

Pastor, just as it was Paul’s heart desire and Prayer to God for Israel to be saved, so it is my heart’s desire and Prayer to God for Africa to be saved. I can say in utmost confidence that Africa is in a terrible spiritual condition. We serve a god we don’t know, uphold demonic traditions of our elders and pour down blood of the innocent in sacrifice to appease a false god. I am a Ghanaian, well vexed in the culture of my people and I can say in utmost confidence that what Ghana need is the True Gospel of Jesus Christ, the only power that can change their situation from the bondage of blackness and darkness to restore a lasting relationship with God. Jesus Christ is and will always be the ANSWER.

It is my joy and privilege to also inform you that God has given me a young and beautiful Filipina wife (Rosalyn Francisco) who loves the Lord, loves me and willing to surrender to God’s call upon our lives to serve Him in Ghana. We got married on 26th of June 2010 at Bethany Baptist Church – Makati Philippines, officiated by Dr. Joseph Boyd Lyons (My sending Church Pastor), Dr. Don Stone (My Spiritual Father and Pastor of Bible Baptist Church – Hong Kong) and Dr. Gerardo Nable (Spiritual Father of my wife and Pastor of Bethany Baptist Church – Makati Philippines) We may not be able to visit your church due to geographical location and finances but we believe Prayer knows no boundary. We sincerely covet your prayers and humbly plead your church to take us on as their missionary and to support us in this endeavor if so be the Will of God. Please pray and hold the rope for us as we prepare to leave for the mission field by March 2, 2011 Lord willing. Please help send us to the mission field God has called us to serve. Truly your labor is not in vain in the Lord. May the good Lord continue to use you and your church to lift HIS banner high for the glory of HIS name.  Thank you very much Church.


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