David Bennet

Deaf Worldwide

March 31, 2016

Dear Faithful Supporters and Prayer Warriors,

Once again we are very thankful for your prayers and faithful support to this ministry to which God has called us. Often we receive messages, calls, pictures, and notes of thanks from people that we have served through the years. Let me give one example.

Just two weeks ago, we received a thank you note from a couple in Brazil on the 30th anniversary of their salvation. I was training two ladies from our church in Sao Paulo in the area of evangelism, and we visited a lady who showed up one Wednesday night in church. When I asked if we could visit her on Thursday, she told me it would be best to come in the morning when her Spiritist husband would not be home. However, when the three of us arrived on Thursday morning, her Spiritist husband was home after all. Honestly, I wavered about whether or not I should go ahead and present the Gospel then, but the Holy Spirit convicted me of the need to do so. Both Lourdes and her husband, Gilberto, trusted Christ as their personal Savior that day. What a day of rejoicing it was.

Not long after that, we were able to start a home Bible study with them along with 16 of their lost Roman Catholic relatives. Over a period of 3 or 4 months, we saw each one of them come to trust Christ for salvation. Soon they were all baptized and members of our church. Recently Vicki and I were in Brazil and had the joy of speaking with some of their family members who were saved at a later time. I was told that there have been more than 150 of their family members saved since then, with three men now in full-time ministry, and a fourth man preparing for full-time ministry! What a joy to serve the Lord and to see some of the fruit on this side of Heaven!

Please pray for Vicki and me as we travel to the island of Antigua on April 5. I will be speaking in hearing churches, preaching to the Deaf in special meetings, speaking in a deaf school, holding training seminars for deaf workers, and giving radio interviews. We thank God for the opportunity to serve Him in this way, but we need your prayers.

Soon after I return from Antigua, I will travel to London and then to Manchester and Stoke-on-Trent in Great Britain. I will be taking Drew and Melinda Wright, and their three children, on a missions survey trip. Please pray for us as we meet missionaries, visit churches, visit deaf schools, and prepare for future ministry in this place. It is exciting to have someone like Drew and Melinda, who are so dedicated to serving the Lord with the Deaf, with SWMI. It is also thrilling to see them get closer and closer to their destination of reaching the deaf in England!

Lastly, SWMI is hosting a missions trip to the 2016 DeafNation World Expo in July. Some 20,000 deaf people from all around the world are expected to register for this event. We have rented 2 booths and will be distributing thousands of gospel DVDs and gospel tracts. We will do much personal evangelism as well. Therefore, we beg your prayers on our behalf as we seek to reach this multitude of deaf people for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Once again, thank you so much for your faithfulness in praying for us and supporting us on a regular basis. Each one of you is dear to us and a blessing. May God bless you richly.

May Jesus Christ be lifted high... and His Name spread abroad!

David Bennett
Psalm 2:8