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Prayer Letter

Date: September 15, 2018

Greetings from Boiffo!  I am writing to give you an update on the
flood relief ministry in Koatchi.  The Lord changed our plans, but the
end result was very good!

Because of the flooding, it is impossible to get vehicles loaded with
supplies into the village, so on Thursday we agreed with the village
chief on a meeting spot a short distance outside the village.  He
asked if we could just give the supplies to him to distribute, but
when we made it clear that we wanted to be present for the
distribution, he promised to be waiting for us there on Friday morning
with a representative of each of the 102 families on our list whose
homes had been destroyed by the flooding.

On Friday (yesterday), Joe Marshall (Faith Baptist Mission) and I
loaded up with a total of 5,775 lbs of rice and ~550 articles of
clothing, and drove to the proposed meeting spot.  It turned out that
the village chief hadn't notified a single family that we were coming,
but instead sent a boat to pick up the supplies.  When we called him,
he said that a boatload of representatives from the 102 families was
already on the way to meet us and would arrive in a few minutes, which
turned out to be a lie.  After several hours of waiting, we decided to
take the supplies and leave, figuring that God would have us
distribute them in a different village.  However, God saw fit for one
person from Koatchi to be at the designated meeting spot for another
reason even though the village chief hadn’t notified him, so he was
able to take his bags of donated rice and clothing back to the village
and let them know that we had come and that their chief had failed to
notify them.

That evening, a crowd of angry people gathered outside of the village
chief’s home asking for their donated food and clothing, and he had a
change of heart.  He called us and asked us to let them come to us to
get the donated supplies, since they weren’t there when we came to
them.  We agreed to meet them this afternoon (Saturday).

This afternoon, a representative of every one of the families on our
list of those who suffered the most from flooding met us at the
designated time in Guene.  We shared with them the sources of the
donations (churches and clinic staff) and gave a gospel presentation.
Each family left with 25kg of rice and a bag of donated clothing.
They expressed much gratitude not only for the donated clothing but
also for medical care some of their families had received in the past.
Three of them expressed interest in the gospel and provided their
contact information with a request for us to maintain contact.

We are grateful that our God changed the situation and allowed us to
distribute the aid and share a clear gospel presentation.  We ask
prayer for those who heard the gospel and especially the three who
expressed interest.  Please pray also as we will continue to seek
ministry opportunities in this village.

Because of Christ,
Steve and Kat